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Sweden Rescue Systems

Sweden's URF is operated from the support ship HSwMS BELOS.  The combination of URF (or NSRS) and BELOS is one of the most capable rescue system for TUP operations in the Northern Atlantic. At 52 tons it can be launched from a limited number of different ships.  It successfully completed an air transportable test with AN 124 in was conducted successfully August 2001.

URF can operate for a limited period without a MOSHIP.  It could be flown to a port near a DISSUB and towed to the scene and then operate until exhaustion of its batteries. Typically a maximum tow of 10 hours with a plan can be used.

The capacity of URF is 35 survivors plus a crew of 3 or 4.  An entire crew from a Swedish SSK can be rescued in a single lift.

The dedicated MOSHIP HSwMS BELOS is a very capable vessel.  

URF is handled either using the A Frame at the stern or the 100T crane.  ROV, Mini submersible and divers are also deployed from this ship.

Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) facilities for up to 35 survivors is a significant feature of this ship.

NSRS can deploy from this vessel with full TUP capability.  Procedures for combined rescue operations by the NSRS and Swedish SRS are practiced.


Figure 1: URF


Figure 2: HSwMS BELOS