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Happy to host the ISMERLO US reserve detachment in Northwood this week (9-13 May). Once again a team๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘Š
In memory of the KRI Nanggala

In memory of the KRI Nanggala

On this day April 21 it is one year since the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala went missing.Our thoughts and prayers goes to the 53 submariners on eternal patrol and their family and loved ones left behind.

ISMERLO visit to Undersea Rescue Command

ISMERLO visit to Undersea Rescue Command in San Diego early Dec 21. Important step for ISMERLO in order to strengthen our relationship and bond. Received great support from URC which is important for us to further improve our website services. Great opportunity for both parties to improve our knowledge and exchange ideas for international cooperation and coordination.

Northern Crown 2021

Northern Crown 21For two weeks, the Northern Crown submarine rescue exercise has been conducted in parts of southern Baltic sea. The first week, the First Submarine Flotilla practiced on its own, connecting the URF (submarine rescue vessel) to a Swedish submarine. After five days, the international staff from NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) joined in Karlskrona harbor. NSRS is a tri-nationally owned peacetime emergency submarine rescue capability, operated by Norway, France and the United Kingdom, and is able to operate at depths down to 600 m. It was designed to deal with pressurized rescue scenarios such as that encountered in the tragic submarine accident involving the Russian submarine Kursk in year 2000. In 2009, the three nations entered into Memorandum of Understanding with Sweden to assist each other with submarine rescue when each system carries out maintenance or is not available.


AKSAZ, Turkey - Dynamic Monarch/Kurtaran 2021, the 11th in a series of NATO sponsored live Submarine Escape and Rescue (SMER) exercises was held 12 to 24 September in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Aksaz, Turkey.The International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) ran exercise is tied to the annual Turkish Navy exercise Kurtaran and hosted by the Turkish Navy.Assets and personnel from Italy, Turkey together with personnel from Canada, Greece and Spain, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States also took part in the submarine escape and rescue training scenarios. Qatar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia were present as the observers.A submarine laid over the seabed representing a sunken submarine and training followed locating the lost submarine by search and rescue ships, aircraft and equipment. After establishing a rescue village at sea over the submarine, casualties were transferred to TCG Alemdar, the Search and Rescue Ship where they received first medical aid including re-compression operations and evacuation of the casualties to the hospital ashore from onboard.Assets and personnel participating in the exercise, repeated the training each time with different assets including Italian Navy submarine ITS Todaro, Turkish Navy Submarines TCG Canakkale and TCG Anafartalar in order to improve interoperability between Allied units.The International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) is an organization that aims to facilitate an international response for a distressed submarine and to improve the ability to respond to a call for assistance through its coordination role.Although established by NATO, ISMERLO supports all nations and pursues the involvement of global submarine-operating nations and focused on the humanitarian aspect which is saving lives at sea.ISMERLO also provided support and expertise during the search and rescue efforts after real-life accidents with Argentine Navy Submarine San Juan in 2017 and Indonesian Navy Submarine KRI Nanggala in April 2021.
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Spanish submarine rescue ship project
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Submarine rescue news from NAVALNEWS
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India and Singapore navies sign submarine rescue pact

India, Singapore navies sign submarine rescue pact
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