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Italy Rescue Systems


Replacing the MSM1 for Italy is the SRV300, built by Drass Galeazzi SrI. 

The MOSHIP ANTEO launches and recovers the vehicle from a well at the stern of the vessel.  Although limited by sea state SRV300 performed well during 'Sorbet Royal 2000'.

The system is not air portable and is limited in deployment by the range and speed of the MOSHIP. 



ANTEO can deploy an Atmospheric Diving Suit or 'Newtsuit'. It is a manned alternative to an ROV for operations such as hooking up hoses and DSDS, pod posting etc, and is equipped with propulsion thrusters for free or tethered movement.  The similar French system proved successful interventions during Sorbet Royal 2002.

Atmospheric Diving Suit

Figure 2: Atmospheric Diving Suit

ANTEO can deploy the US 'McCann' diving bell.  This system proved its value when used to rescue 33 survivors from the USS SQUALUS in 1939, it remains the only system to have been used in earnest.  

It is also operated by Turkey, and US and proved an effective system during  Sorbet Royal series exercises.  

US 'McCann' diving bell

Figure 3: US 'McCann' diving bell

SRV 300

SRV 300

Figure 4: SRV 300

Italian manned submarine rescue vehicle SRV 300
Vehicle dimensions Length overall
Width overall
Height (with mating skirt)
Height (without skirt)
Weight (with skirt)
Maximum operating depth
Maximum range
8.46 m
3.13 m
4.04 m
3.17 m
27.3 T
300m (985 ft)
15 nautical miles
Construction Pilot compartment Steel
Trim and ballast system Ballast tanks volume
Trim tanks volume
Compensation load rescues tanks volume
880 liters
Batteries 120v
Emergency batteries 24V
Recharge time
Likely endurance
Rescue operation
Reconnaissance operation
(1180Ah at 5h rate)
(840Ah at 5h rate)
highly dependent on battery usage
8-10 h

14 h
10 h
Life Support Endurance
Air capacity
Oxygen capacity
480 Man hrs
500 liters at 300 bar (external hull cylinders)
100 liters at 200 bar (external hull cylinders)
Propulsion (hydraulic) Main propulsion
Auxiliary propulsion
20 Kw, (horizontal angle up to +/- 45')
4x10Kw thrusters for transverse and vertical motion
Max Speed 2.5kts (3kts without skirt)
Navigational equipments Gyrocompass
SSBL Navigation system
Underwater comms UWT type 3081
UWT Type 3091
Emergency Pinger Type 3017
(25 kHz)
Above water comms Sound Powered telephones (Umbilical to mothership)
UHF Sailor RT 2048
Tools Available Manipulator
Max extension
lift at max. extension
Closing Force
Torsion Couple
Claws max opening
Gripper claw (ejectable)
(ejectable) for fine work
1950 N
1100 N
77 mm
capable to manipulate object up to 1m of diameter
Underwater television and camera Forward pan and tilt colour camera

Aft pan and tilt black and white camera

Inside skirt black and white camera

Note: plus video recording facilities from any of these camera
Crew Pilot & Co pilot
Weather Limitation SS 3
Mating angle +/- 45'
Rescue capability At internal pressure of 6 bar SRV's cram capacity is 12 rescuees

SRV 300

Figure 5: SRV 300


ROV PEGASO is now in service .



Figure 6,7: ROV PEGASO.