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India Rescue Systems





The Indian Navy operates a single ASR the INS NIREEKSHAK of 2160T.  INS NIREEKSHAK is based at Kochi  in Kerala State, she has a listed maximum speed of 12 knots and can be deployed to a DISSUB within 1000NM in 72 hours. The ship has DP and a 1200M four point mooring system. It has a 10 T capacity crane and also carries two 6.5M RHIB's and two Gemini's. It is also fitted with a UT 2000 UWT.


This vessel deploys an 8 man Submarine Rescue Bell (SRB).  The ASR has recompression facilities (max 18men in three chambers) and a two man SDC diving bell, capable of operating at 200m.  The SRB can be launched and recovered by a large crane (capacity 10T) and is therefore be limited by sea state. The SR can mate with a submarine hatch up to 30 degrees list or trim. Operations are not feasable in surface currents above 3 knots, due to the hydrodynamic forces on the SRB and the shops DP system.  It is unlikely that they could be deployed in greater than sea state 3.


Saturation Diving System.  The diving system can support saturation diving to a maximum operating depth of 300 msw. The diving system onboard is a complete Heliox based saturation diving system with associated life support equipment 5 Officers and 30 enlisted men are qualified for saturation diving.  A Diving Medical Specialist is embarked onboard.

Air Diving System.  The ship also holds an integral air diving system capable of supporting bounce dives (non-saturation) in air/mix gas up to a depth of 100msw.


The ship can render assistance to a DISSUB by means of; charging of the submarines onboard HP air bottles, ventilating the submarine using LP air, blowing the ballast tanks of the submarine using HP air and the passing of liquid food through food grade lines. In addition to helium/oxygen bottles, blankets and other provisional/medical equipment can be passed by Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) through the submarine hatch.