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NATO Coordinator Rescue Forces Course 2023

And so ends the Fourth NATO Coordinator Rescue Forces in Taranto, at the Submarine Flotilla Command.
We were honoured by the start of the course being officially given by the Commander of Submarines of NATO (COMSUBNATO), Rear Admiral Thomas Wall, and by the Commander of Submarines of the Navy (MARICOSOM), Rear Admiral Vito Lacerenza. 
This important two weeks in the SMER global calendar has again given a multinational, multi disciplined group of students the chance to gain knowledge of global SMER, taught by an international group of specialists, and experience practical live training scenarios to further their skills.
The course continues to grow and important work has been done by the students in establishing new ideas in how the CRF does their work during a DISSUB event, including live interactions with a major rescue asset, NSRS.
Looking to the future the course will continue to grow and improve - preliminary work has already been completed during this course in conjunction with the Italian Navy and we hope to link submarine controllers onto the course next year to achieve mutual training objectives.