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In response to the missing Indonesian Submarine NANGGALA an alert has been raised on the ISMERLO website and efforts are being made to support.


On 20 April 2021, an alert was raised with the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) by the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL) regarding the Indonesian submarine Nanggalla.

Since then the ISMERLO has been manned on 24 hours basis and has been actively engaged in providing professional coordination support from the international submarine community to the Indonesian Navy. The ISMERLO Operations Room will remain manned until the event reaches a conclusion.Expertise from the ISMERLO team are ready to deploy in order to offer assistance to the Indonesian Navy with international coordination of rescue and search assets to ensure the fastest possible resolution of the event through the use of the recently upgraded ISMERLO website –